GLANCE at This New Dance Film

November 24, 2014

Dance often helps us explore our emotions and internal life, but sometimes, it inspires us to explore the outside world too. The GLANCE Project takes on that challenge through a collaboration among many different artists: dancers Cyril Choukroun, Hugo Vigliotti and Matthieu Botto of the Paris Opéra Ballet; music producer Jonathan Amic; and film gurus Adi Koish, Gordon Ghenassia, Guy Gosha  and Tamara Mamon.

The film was shot in Habima Square, in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. The public space is known for being the arts hub of the city, and the men of the Paris Opera Ballet explore it on foot and on skateboards (yes, the dancers nail their arabesques while balancing on moving skateboards).

There’s something about the skateboarding and fountain splashing and (maybe unintentionally) funny improving that makes the pure ballet steps stand out against their pedestrian backdrop—it almost makes sense that someone would do barrel turns around a public fountain just because they feel like it. Check it out, and don’t blame us if you feel tempted to saut de chat down an empty sidewalk.