Happy Canada Day!

June 30, 2016

We salute you, neighbors to the North! Canada has given us tremendously talented dancers (Hi Emma Portner! Hi Tate McRae!) and mind-bendingly awesome companies (What up, Kidd Pivot, RUBBERBANDance Group, BJM Danse, Ballet BC, the National Ballet of Canada…need we go on?). Oh, and have we mentioned the competition studios that seem to win everything, turning out incredible performers year after year?

Yep, we can safely say that we’re in awe of our Canadian cousins (okay, I’ll stop with the alliterations). Cheers to being on the same continent! How about we organize a U.S.-Canada dance festival so we can all hang out?

In the meantime, enjoy these jaw-dropping videos while you start planning your trip across the border.


The National Ballet of Canada

Joanne Chapman School of Dance

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