Earth Day, Dancer-Style

April 21, 2016

Happy Earth Day, you green goddesses! Spring has (finally) sprung, and there’s no better time to put a little nature-focused TLC into your life. We’ve rounded up our most environmentally friendly tips and tricks, and interspersed them with gorgeous outdoor photo shoot #inspo. Here’s to another year of doing our part to help the planet!

Alice Williamson (photo by Diana Patient Photography)

Hate throwing away your dead pointe shoes? Read all about a Texas teen who had the same problem—and then started a pointe shoe recycling program!

Alice Williamson (photo by Diana Patient Photography)

H&M might be bringing dance royalty out to celebrate World Recycle Week, but you can actually recycle old textiles all year long. Or, if you have dance duds that are still good, arrange a clothing swap with your friends!

Courtney Lavine (photo by Karolina Kuras)

We all know it’s essential to stay properly fueled and hydrated through a long day of class and rehearsal. Rep your eco-style with a reusable water bottle, snack bags and utensils.

Hanna Bass (Photo by ballerina project)

Green your (beauty) routine by looking for hair, skin and makeup products that don’t test on animals.

Sarah Hay (photo by ballerina project)

Organize a carpool to and from class. It’s the perfect opportunity to review notes from last night’s rehearsal.

Zarina Stahnke (photo by ballerina project)

Check out your local farmer’s market for seasonal produce that’s bursting with nutrition and flavor.

Helen Cave (photo by ballerina project)

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