Happy New Year! Love, Dance Spirit

December 31, 2014

Wheeeeeee it’s 2015! How were your celebrations? Dance-filled? If it’s before noon and you’re reading this, STOP RIGHT NOW AND GO BACK TO BED.

I’m not going to start discussing dance resolutions for the year. (If you’re ready for that kind of talk, you can find plenty of it in our January issue). Instead, I’m going to give you a little New Year’s present. It is at the bottom of this page. I made it myself.

It won’t help you nail that third pirouette, or master that double pullback, or figure out how, exactly, to pull off a credible stank face.

But it might make you giggle.

And on this first day of the new year, isn’t that enough? Let’s save the resolutions for tomorrow.

Happy 2015, everyone: