Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Dance Spirit

November 25, 2015

Hi friends! It’s Thanksgiving, that day when we gather with our families to eat turkey, and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and maybe eat some more turkey, and watch football, and definitely eat a little more turkey. And, you know, give thanks for all the wonderfulness in our lives. Because Pilgrims.

But seriously: Us dancers in particular have a lot to be thankful for right now! I mean, this was the year that gave us Hamilton, and the Fraternal Twins, and the Center Stage 3 announcement, and the Justin Bieber “Purpose” movie, and the Sergei Polunin Hozier video. Our dance cups runneth over.

Here at Dance Spirit, we have a little Thanksgiving tradition: I force the other editors to tell me what dance-y things they’re most thankful for. And every year, their responses make me so stupid happy. Because this is what Thanksgiving is all about, Charlie Brown.

Without further ado:

Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone, assistant editor:
“I’m thankful for the hip-hop littles who bring fire, the freelancers who keep hustling, Left Shark for showing us how to live and Batsheva Dance Company in Sadeh21 for turning me into an emotional wreck.”

Olivia Manno, assistant editor:
“The dance-y things I’m thankful for are (in no particular order): James Whiteside’s calves, Yanis Marshall’s stiletto collection and the fact that it was not only acceptable to blog about Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ dance as much as possible, but highly encouraged.”

Alyssa Marks, style editor:
“This Thanksgiving (and every one, honestly), I’m thankful for Newsies—the Broadway show, the Broadway tour and the movie! I can never get enough of those fabulous dancing men.”

AwwWWWww. Feeling those Turkey Day feels right now. As for me: I’m thankful to be right here at Dance Spirit, a place that lets me obsess over the dance world I love each and every day. And for the fact that Center Stage is on HBO Go right now. And for this GIF:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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