Happy #TutuTuesday! Love, Marcel Dzama and NYCB

January 18, 2016

Hey guys! Remember how, last week, we got a peek at the installation that madcap genius Marcel Dzama is creating for the New York City Ballet Art Series? Remember how we mentioned that Dzama is also doing the sets and costumes for Justin Peck’s first-ever narrative ballet, The Most Incredible Thing, which NYCB will premiere February 2? And remember how we teased you with some tantalizing but totally unsatisfying glimpses at those costume and set designs?

Well, hold on to your pointe shoes, friends: Over the weekend, Women’s Wear Daily gave us a much, much better look at Dzama’s costume confections. And it appears that they’re even more beautiful/cuckoo (that’s a pun! you’ll understand it in a second!) than we originally thought.

As they love to do
, WWD went inside the NYCB costume shop to get up-close-and-personal shots of The Most Incredible Thing‘s cast of characters, from the Cuckoo Bird (AND THERE’S THE PUN) to the Five Senses to the Grasshopper to the Destroyer. (If that list of names is making you go like this, spend a minute Wikipedia-ing the complicated-but-fascinating Hans Christian Andersen story the ballet’s based on.)

Check out all of WWD‘s images here. And to see the costumes in motion, take a look at the delightful little preview video below, which also features a bit of composer Bryce Dessner’s score for the ballet.

Happy #TutuTuesday, y’all. Look for more on The Most Incredible Thing in our February issue!

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