"happyokay" Was More Than Okay—It Was Awesome

November 27, 2014

Dance is best seen live. Whether it’s in an intimate black box or on a huge proscenium, you can’t go wrong. But there’s something extra-special about seeing a performance in a space you wouldn’t normally associate with dance. It’s what makes site-specific work or dance made for the camera so cool. Sometimes, though, you don’t know what you’re in for, and well, who doesn’t love an awesome surprise?

(A still shot of Megan LeCrone in happyokay by Last Hour, directed by Elena Parasco)

A couple weekends ago, I went, on a whim, to see a performance event called “happyokay,” held at Livestream Public—a repurposed warehouse in Brooklyn. The place is known for film showings, art happenings and literary discussions—not so much for presenting dance—so I  wasn’t really sure what to expect. And when I walked in, I wasn’t getting many clues: Three projection screens hung from the ceiling and audience members were invited to stand around a panel of marley flooring.

(Megan LeCrone and Harrison Ball in a still from happyokay)

It turned out that the show was an epic collaboration between video collective Last Hour, an Amsterdam-based artists collective called House of Makers and…members of New York City Ballet! That’s right guys, I was practically face-to-face with dancers Harrison Ball, Joseph Gordon and Megan LeCrone. Sure, I’ve seen them perform onstage at Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater, but it was really special to see their artistry and musculature so up-close and personal. Just goes to show that sometimes, you gotta take a leap into the unknown when you’re going to see dance. You never know what surprises await.

(Still from happyokay)

Wish you could have been there? Luckily for you, the event was filmed so you can watch the whole thing here!