Harlequin’s 2022 Gift Guide Is Sweeter Than the Sugarplum Fairy

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November 11, 2022

’Tis the season for dancers to be busier than ever: End-of-yearrecitals, competitions, auditions for summer and college programs, and, of course, The Nutcracker are taking center stage in the lives of the movers you know. As their dreams turn from visions of sugarplums to future dance plans, give them holiday gifts they will cherish for years to come, with the help of Harlequin Floors.

The dancers, fitness enthusiasts and content creators on your nice list will jump for joy over these on-the-go and at-home tools curated to suit their movement styles. These handpicked gift ideas are sure to make movers of all ages and styles chaîné into the new year filled with holiday cheer. For more information, visit Harlequin’s online store or call 800-642-6440 to request a quote. 

For Hip-Hop and Modern Movers (and More!)

Harlequin FreeStyle Flooring™ (from $681.34; longer rolls available by calling)
Roll Storage Bags (from $90)

Harlequin FreeStyle Flooring. Courtesy Harlequin Floors.

For hip-hop dancers wearing sneakers and barefoot modern dancers, floors specially designed with less slip resistance are a must. Harlequin’s FreeStyle Flooring is also foam-backed to create cushioning that allows dancers to safely execute floorwork no matter where they’re performing.

Roll Storage Bag. Courtesy Harlequin Floors.

If you’re worried about the risk of injury at competitions or events, due to dancing on unfamiliar flooring like concrete or carpet, you can bring your FreeStyle marley with you using Harlequin’s Roll Storage Bags. They make it simple to transport the surface dancers have used for rehearsals.

For Barre Enthusiasts

Freestanding Barre (from $259)
Wall-Mount Barre (call to request a quote)
Rolling Glassless Mirrors (from $226; call to request a quote)
Wall-Mount Glassless Mirrors (call to request a quote)

Freestanding Barre. Photo by Jayme Thornton, Courtesy Harlequin Floors.

Bunheads and barre fitness fanatics alike recognize the importance of a proper barre to improve technique. The lightweight, portable structure of Harlequin’s Studio Series Freestanding Barres makes them ideal for ballerinas who practice in multi-use spaces, while Wall-Mount Barres are space-savers in permanent places, leaving the floor open for other practice. The stability of a Wall-Mount Barre also provides perfect structure for barre fitness classes when movers might be more likely to use the barre for more than just balance.

Rolling Glassless Mirror. Photo by Jayme Thornton, Courtesy Harlequin Floors.

Glassless Mirrors are also a must-have for any trina or barre babe to check their placement as they practice, and this option is lightweight and shatterproof but just as clear as any traditional mirror.  

For Content Creators and Internet Influencers

A ballet dancers in pointe shoes sinks toward the floor, her shape reflected in the glossy, white floor.
Harlequin Hi-Shine Floor. Photo by Stark Photo Productions, Courtesy Harlequin Floors.

Harlequin Hi-Shine™ Floor (from $681.34; black and white available online, call for additional colors)

The perfect background is crucial for anyone making moves on social media. An Hi-Shine Floor creates a unique reflection because of its high-gloss finish, which provides a shiny, reflective surface, making it fundamental for those filming content. A variety of color choices match any aesthetic, and the surface is easy to clean and maintain.

For Bunheads On the Go or at Home

Harlequin Dance Mat ($85)
Harlequin Dance Mat Bag ($35)
Harlequin Dance Mat & Bag Bundle ($115)
Harlequin Home Dance Studio Kit (from $1,050)

Harlequin Dance Mat & Bag Bundle. Photo by Jayme Thornton, Courtesy Harlequin Floors.

The perfect portable practice space means dancers never have to miss a day of rehearsal. The Dance Mat is small enough to be easily transported using Harlequin’s Dance Mat Bag—bunheads can carry it on all their travels—but it provides enough space to practice turns and larger moves. (Purchase both together in the Dance Mat & Bag Bundle for a discount.) For dancers with a dedicated space, the Home Dance Studio Kit contains marley, plus Harlequin’s Liberty® LatchLoc panels that are easily secured and create a sprung floor for a fully professional floor option, no matter where dancers need it. 

For the Ultimate Home Studio

Ultimate Home Studio (call for a customized plan and pricing)

A home dance studio with chandelier, mirrors, dance floor and ballet barre.
A custom home studio featuring Harlequin floors. Interior design by Sheryl Gruenig of Beautiful Interiors and Krista Bonin of King and Crown. Photo by Steve and Kiki Randon, Courtesy Harlequin Floors.

Dancers who have been extra-good this year deserve the greatest gift of all: a custom-built Home Studio perfectly created to suit the individual dancer’s needs and space. Harlequin’s account executives are experts at creating safe, professional dance spaces using items like their sprung floor panel systems, vinyl marley surfaces, glassless mirrors and ballet barres. Contact their team for a curated experience as you craft your dream space. Every dancer is unique and deserves a space just as extraordinary, and with the help of Harlequin, this holiday season they can have it all.