Harlequin's 2021 Holiday Gift Lineup Just Dropped—and It's Every Dancer's Dream

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November 9, 2021

Between Nutcracker rehearsals, competition prep and college applications, the dancers in your life are about to jeté into their busiest season of the year. Now is the perfect time to give them a little boost, with holiday gifts guaranteed to lift their spirits and support their passion for dance.
If you’re looking to treat your favorite dancers this season, Harlequin Floors has got you covered. Check out these special holiday offers that are sure to satisfy every dancer’s wish list.

For the Dedicated Technician

Jayme Thornton, Courtesy Harlequin Floors

Studio Series Ballet Barre, 4 Feet and 6 Feet (From $259)

Having a proper ballet barre is crucial
when it comes to focusing on technique. With lightweight yet stable construction, Harlequin’s portable ballet barres give dancers that all-important in-studio feeling, while also being compact and easy to store at home.

For the Future Choreographer

Jayme Thornton, Courtesy Harlequin Floors

Dance Mat Kit ($175)

Harlequin’s Dance Mat Kit contains two of its signature dance mats, plus one roll of Professional PVC floor tape. With lots of room to move safely (about 42 square feet, to be exact!) and a slip-resistant surface of Harlequin Cascade™ vinyl to spin and slide on, this gift is perfect for the dancer who loves to play around with improv and choreography. Plus, the mats are made with Harlequin’s BioCote® Antimicrobial Protection, meaning they only require an occasional wipe down to stay clean, sanitary and odor-free.

For the Aspiring Sugar Plum Fairy

Jayme Thornton, Courtesy Harlequin Floors

Barre and Mat Bundle (From $295)

Harlequin’s Dance Mat and Ballet Barre are absolute essentials for dancers who want to practice pointework safely and effectively, so why not get them together for a special price? Mat & Barre Bundles available with a 4-foot barre or 6-foot barre.

For the Self-Tape Queen

Jayme Thornton, Courtesy Harlequin Floors

Home Dance Studio Kit ($875)

Self-tapes are here to stay, so investing in a top-notch spot to film submissions is one of the most helpful ways you could gift a dancer this year. With Liberty LatchLoc™ sprung-floor panels and a Harlequin Cascade surface perfect for all dance styles, Harlequin’s Home Dance Studio Kit has everything your dancer needs to go full-out safely on every take. Choose between the 6×6-foot or 8×10-foot dual-layer dance floor to create your ultimate at-home film set.

For the Traveling ‘Trina

Jayme Thornton, Courtesy Harlequin Floors

Dance Mat and Bag Bundle ($115)

With Harlequin’s Dance Mat and Bag Bundle, all the world’s a stage. With a mat that rolls up and fits perfectly inside its durable storage bag, this bundle is perfect for those on tour, traveling between home and school, or any dancer that’s constantly on the go (which, let’s be honest, is every dancer).

For the Detail-Oriented Performer

Jayme Thornton, Courtesy Harlequin Floors

Glassless Mirror (From $235)

Dancers and mirrors go together like hot chocolate and candy canes…as in, they’re a dancer’s greatest tool to perfect their lines, épaulement, focus and stage presence. What’s more, Harlequin’s glassless mirrors are lightweight and shatterproof, and can be mounted on a wall or ordered with wheels for easy moving. For total #HomeStudioGoals, you can even order a bifold or trifold mirror to perfectly fit any space.