YOU GUYS: Apparently Heather Morris Is Going to Be on "DWTS"?!

February 27, 2017

Welp, it’s over. We’re calling it now, three weeks before the premiere date: Heather Morris has won “Dancing with the Stars” Season 24.

Basically, Morris clinched the Mirror Ball Trophy the second news broke that she’d likely be joining this spring’s “DWTS” cast. (Which was yesterday afternoon, for the record.) Because there’s just no way anybody is beating out Brittany S. Pierce—slayer of “Glee” choreo, Dance Spirit cover star and all-around goddess—on the ballroom floor.


Is it a little weird that “DWTS” is pitting someone who has literally danced for Beyoncé against regular mortal humans? Sure, a little. Do we care? Nope! We’re too stupid happy to see Morris being amazing on television again. Especially since there’s a VERY decent chance that a Britney/Brittany-themed number is in the works.

Let’s just reenact this in the “DWTS” ballroom, K? Thx! (Adam Rose/FOX)

We will say this, though: It makes us a leeeetle sad to have to root for anybody over our onetime dream “DWTS”-er, Simone Biles, who we hear will also be putting on her dancing shoes this season. Others rumored to be on the roster are Bachelor mumbler Nick Viall, “SNL” alum Chris Kattan, figure skating legend Nancy Kerrigan, Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei and, uh, Mr. T.

The official list won’t be released until tomorrow morning, so hold off on making your Heather Morris fangirl t-shirts until then. And, obviously, tune into the “DWTS” premiere on Monday, March 20 at 8 pm on ABC.