All the Deets on Maddie Ziegler's New Novel

May 2, 2017

Finished reading The Maddie Diaries and hungry for more Maddie Ziegler book news? Maddie gets it. That’s why she just shared the cover and synopsis of her new novel, The Audition, which comes out this October.

We kind of need those legwarmers.

The Audition
is the first in a trilogy of middle-grade novels Miss Z will be releasing over the next few years. And its protagonist, Harper, sounds like an alternate-reality version of Maddie herself. Here’s a bit from the publisher’s plot summary:

“Twelve-year-old Harper has been dancing practically since she learned to walk. She loves her dance studio and team, and just won her first ever top junior solo in a regional competition. But right before the school year starts, Harper’s parents drop a bombshell—the family has to relocate from their cozy town in Connecticut to sunny Florida for their jobs. That means saying goodbye to her friends, dance team, trips to see shows in NYC—and did she mention dance team?…When she arrives, she realizes that the competition in Florida will be fierce…It feels like everyone has better feet, quicker turns, and faster taps than Harper. And it doesn’t help that a group of girls, who nicknamed themselves The Bunheads, wonder how she made the team if she can’t even do a simple turn sequence in front of the class.”

A talented comp kid facing adversity at a new studio? A dancer clique called The Bunheads?? Oh, we’re in. We’re wayyyyy in. Find out more about The Audition and pre-order your copy here.