Check Out This Behind-the-Scenes Preview of the New "High Strung" Movie

February 14, 2018

Ever since High Strung: Free Dance—the sequel to the original, fabulously dancy movie—was announced last summer, we’ve been eager for peeks at the behind-the-scenes action. And yesterday, the High Strung team dropped the juiciest preview footage since our own Facebook Live events on set.

Featuring star Juliet Doherty, fantastic supporting cast members like Phillip Chbeeb and Kerrynton Jones, and choreographer Tyce Diorio, this video package has a little bit of everything: drama, goofiness, and (of course) top-notch dancing. It’ll get you even more psyched for the film’s release, set for this summer.

And psst: Fans of High Strung and/or Juliet—so, everybody—won’t want to miss our July/August issue!