Hip Hop + Contemporary Forever

February 15, 2015

Do you love Sam Smith as much as the rest of us here at DS? His soulful voice is perfectly suited to some awesome lyrical choreography (we’re guessing some of you have already tapped into that potential for your own routines)—but what about harder-edged hip hop?

This video, choreographed by Emilio Dosal and Kelsey Landers, showcases two dancers who vibe together but clearly have different areas of expertise—hip hop and contemporary. They dance to a Boyce Avenue cover of “Stay With Me,” and it’s so cool to see them feed off each other to invent choreography that works on both of their bodies. I guess that’s why we’re all obsessed with “So You Think You Can Dance,” right? Because it shows dancers with various talents coming together to complement each other—and it doesn’t hurt when the choreography is set to an amazing song! Enjoy.