Houston Ballet's Pirouette Madness

August 17, 2014

There’s something mesmerizing about watching an amazing turner go around and around and around…

Only a lucky few can turn like a top and part of the allure of watching them is knowing that, despite having the same training as the rest of us, they just seem to have a magical gift.

Case in point: Jim Nowakowski and Derek Dunn of Houston Ballet. Thanks to fellow Houston Ballet dancer Harper Watters, we can watch these two turn like there’s no tomorrow. (Quick shout out: We’re completely obsessed with Watters’ cheeky, awesome instagram account—@theharperwatters—which showcases some of the amazingly talented men at HB.) Notice how much the dancers use their plié, and how they maintain a straight line on their supporting side. It’s a textbook example of perfect pirouettes. Enjoy!