6 Ways Tapper Maud Arnold Stays Happy, Healthy, and Performance-Ready

January 22, 2018

Maud Arnold
is one of the busiest tap dancers on the planet. As a member of the Syncopated Ladies, Maud—along with her big sis and fellow tapper Chloé Arnold—is on constantly the road for performances, workshops, and master classes. For the average person, that kind of schedule could lead to a serious derailment of healthy habits. But Maud’s far from average. Here’s how the fit, fierce, flawless tap star stays stage-ready—no matter what time zone she finds herself in.

1. She puts on a happy face—literally.

“I wake up every day and smile, whether it comes naturally or I force it,” Maud says. “I make the choice to start off my day in a state of happiness and gratitude.”

2. She gets sweaty.

“I work out every day, either with my brother and his Cuerpaso fitness program, with my friend Jelany at Pit Performance LA, or dancing with the Syncopated Ladies,” Maud says.

3. She loves a good haiku.

“I write a daily haiku because it activates my brain and makes me unplug, even if just for the two or three minutes it takes me to write it,” Maud says. (She usually shares her haikus on Instagram, so check ’em out!)

4. She eats well and indulges.

“I try to drink a lot of water and I avoid fried foods,” Maud says. “But if I want chocolate or a dessert, I have it! My brother Tadeo is a personal trainer, and he says it’s better to have a little bit now than to binge later when you finally give in to the craving.”

5. She understands the power of personal connection.

“I love speaking to people,” Maud says. “Whether it’s people I know or just small interactions with strangers during the day, a smile, hug, or high five makes my heart happy.”

6. She’s unabashedly herself.

“I walk in my own truth, so I am never apologizing for loving myself or for being who I am,” Maud says. “I think that’s the healthiest thing we can all do.”