How to Keep Your Pointe Shoe Pads Stink-Free

April 9, 2017

Ugh, pointe shoe pads: Are they ever not stinky? It’s just inevitable: feet + sweat + not-always-breathable materials + confined space = that icky odor we dancers know all too well.

So, what can you do to keep your pads as clean and stink-free as possible? Here are a few tips DS writer Julie Diana got from Kelly Agnew, a teacher at Houston Ballet Academy.

  • Never store your padding in your shoes.
    Put it in a little mesh bag to air out, and throw the bag in the laundry every other day.
  • Use baby powder on your feet
    to keep too much sweat from soaking into your padding.
  • Clean your feet with rubbing alcohol
    . “The cleaner your feet are, the cleaner your padding and shoes will stay,” Agnew says.
  • When is it time to change your toe pads? “When you can’t wash the smell out of them!” Agnew says.

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