#Inspired by Lexi Daniels

February 18, 2015

It’s Thursday and (if you’re in the north-eastern or mid-western U.S.) it’s FREEZING out. Motivation to do anything is at an all-time low right now—except maybe assuming the fetal position in a snuggie with a cup of piping hot cocoa. What if we told you we had a story that would make you want to swap your snuggie for dance clothes and brave the cold to go to class? Here it is, folks:

(via Lexi Daniels’ Instagram)

Meet Lexi Daniels, a 15-year-old dancer who tells her 3,000 Instagram followers, “Who needs two arms?” Lexi was born with only one arm, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dance dreams.

Just this past weekend, Lexi attended the JUMP Dance Convention in Pittsburgh, PA, where she took class from none other than Will “WilldaBeast” Adams (aka the king of finding young talent in the hip-hop world). During the class, Adams noticed Lexi—and it wasn’t just because of her missing arm. Lexi was killing the choreo, and according to YouTube, she left Adams feeling #inspired.

Lucky for us, Adams had Lexi filmed doing the combo solo, so the world could witness her confidence and swag. Check out the clip below:

Lexi Daniels, you #inspire Dance Spirit, too.