This Dancer's Instagram Is Giving Us Major #WanderlustWednesday Feels

June 7, 2016

Now that summer’s officially in full swing, we just can’t seem to stop daydreaming about all things sun, sand and palm trees. And while we’re hoping you have a chance to escape on a much-deserved vacay before the busy season of nationals and summer intensives kicks into high-gear, getaways aren’t always realistic for young dedicated dancers. Enter Kylie Potuznik’s @BarefootBallerina Instagram feed. Hello, all the #WanderlustWednesday feels.

A dancer and fashion photojournalist based out of California, Potuznik travels the world, documenting both the gorgeous scenery and her enviable lines every step of the way (um, jealous!). With destinations from Mexico to Fiji and Walt Disney World to San Fran, her photos are all you need to cure those I’m-stuck-in-the-studio-all-summer-long blues.

Case in point:

Blue skies and ballet vibes in Fiji. (screenshot via @barefootballerina)

Just a battement break by the Golden Gate Bridge, NBD. (screenshot via @barefootballerina)

When in Mexico… (screenshot via @barefootballerina)

Straddles and sunshine for days. (screenshot via @barefootballerina)

Um, aloha gorgeous winged-foot! (screenshot via @barefootballerina)

Seaside ballet at a California resort? That’ll do. (screenshot via @barefootballerina)

Check out the entire @BarefootBallerina feed here. Do you have any fun summer plans? Let us know!

Happy travels!

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