Internet Hero Russell Got Barzz Danced with Katy Perry on "SNL," Won Everything

May 21, 2017

On Saturday morning, Russell Horning—aka 15-year-old Instagram king @i_got_barzz—was already kind of famous. His admittedly bad but weirdly mesmerizing dance videos had earned him shoutouts from the likes of Rihanna (and dance tributes from the likes of Josh Killacky).

But by Sunday morning? By Sunday morning, Russell Got Barzz had reached an entirely different level of memedom. Because Katy Perry tapped the teen—signature backpack and all—to perform “Swish Swish” with her on “Saturday Night Live.” And the internet lost its darn mind.

He shows up at 2:25:

Yes, Russell was sharing the “SNL” stage not just with Perry, but also with a bevy of very impressive drag queens. It didn’t matter. Once he unleashed his “Swish Swish arms” on the world, the game was over.

The best thing of all things, though, is the video Russell took just before the show, captioned “When your mom tries to look cool.” Wait for it: