Introducing: AXYZM | Movement Designers

May 26, 2015

That time dancers from I.aM.mE Crew, Quest Crew, Poreotics, Finger Circus, 8 Flavahz, Dragon House and Street Kingdom all collaborated on the same project…

No, folks, this isn’t dream. I.aM.mE’s Phillip Chbeeb and Di Moon Zhang and Quest Crew’s Hokuto Konishi have teamed up to form a new company, AXYZM—and they enlisted the help of hip-hop’s elite to create their first concept video.

(L to R) Chbeeb, Konishi and Zhang of AXYZM | Movement Designers (via Facebook)

In the video, which serves as a sort of introduction for AXYZM, the trio calls itself a company of movement designers—and we think that description is totally appropriate. Sure, their video is jam-packed with dancing. But so much of the choreography is about bodies and props coming together to create visually interesting patterns and shapes. Think OK GO music video with a lot more tutting, like this take on a poker game:

Is movement design the newest form of dance? Check out the full video below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!