Allow this Video to Introduce You to Your New Ballet Boyfriend, Isaac Hernández

August 16, 2017

Move over, Sergei Polunin*: There’s a new ballet heartthrob in town.

Well, not “new,” exactly: The fabulously talented Isaac Hernández has been a lead principal with the English National Ballet since 2015, and previously danced with Dutch National Ballet and San Francisco Ballet. (He’s also part of a distinguished dance family: You met his brother, SFB corps member Esteban, in our March issue roundup of up-and-coming danseurs.)

But a dreamy new video by filmmaker Ezra Hurwitz—”Despertares” [Wake Up], featuring Hernández dancing in studios and on rooftops all over NYC—makes a strong case for this beautiful dancer becoming your next ballet crush:

*(Cutesy blog intros aside, let’s be real: There’s room for more than one ballet man in our hearts. We still wanna dance with you, Sergei!)