It's Official: Vanessa Hudgens Is the New "SYTYCD" Judge

June 1, 2017

Big news from “So You Think You Can Dance” land! The show has officially announced that the last spot at the judging table for Season 14, which premieres in just a few days, will be occupied by Vanessa Hudgens.

Misty Copeland
she ain’t, but Hudgens does know her way around a piece of choreography, thanks in no small part to her work on the High School Musical series. (In fact, back in our November 2008 issue, HSM director and choreographer Kenny Ortega told us Hudgens is one of the most natural dancers he’s ever worked with.) And she 100 percent stole the show as Rizzo in Fox’s super dance-y “Grease: Live” last year.

So, what will Hudgens’ judging persona be? Will she be the Paula Abdul-style cheerleader? The Ellen DeGeneres-style comic relief? The Mary Murphy-style…nope, no need to try to replace the irreplaceable Murphy: She’s back this season, too, along with [Cat Deeley voice] Mr. Nigel Lythgoe. Hot Tamale Train tickets for everyone!

Catch the premiere of “SYTYCD” June 12 at 8 pm EST on Fox. (And look for America’s Favorite Dancer on the cover of our December issue!)