We Are Losing It Over Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Shaping Sound "Audition"

August 9, 2017

Well, OK: It’s not an audition per se. But Jesse Tyler Ferguson—”Modern Family” star, frequent “So You Think You Can Dance” guest judge, and #1 member of the Travis Wall Fan Club (we’re #2, for the record)—just made a video in which he shows off his best dance moves in a Shaping Sound t-shirt. Is it exactly as hilarious as you think it’ll be? Yes. Is his dancing also surprisingly impressive? Um, yes!


“You have to imagine this to Jason Mraz’s ‘Gravity.’ ” 😂 😂 😂

Shaping Sound posted the vid on its official Insta account, with a joke about Ferguson being the “newest company member.” Or maybe it’s not a joke?! I mean, we would buy tickets to that show. Just sayin’.