Jimmy Kimmel Channeled Maddie Ziegler, and It Was…Interesting

July 6, 2014

On Thursday night, the wonderful Sia appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” performing her smash hit “Chandelier.”

Like the rest of the world, Kimmel knows that “Chandelier” becomes even more fantastic when Maddie Ziegler dances around angrily to it in a blonde wig. (Seriously, that music video is one of our all-time favorite things). So he took the opportunity to bring Maddie herself on the show to teach him, and his sidekick Guillermo, some of her “Chandelier” moves.

Is the sight gag of two middle-aged guys goofing around in nude leotards funny? Well…sort of. Is Maddie’s reaction face the best thing ever? YES. YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES.

Here’s to Maddie, who wins our Good Sport of the Week award. Happy Monday, guys!