What Inspires Dance Inspiration Jose “Hollywood” Ramos

March 18, 2022

Five years ago, Jose “Hollywood” Ramos reminded us to celebrate our individuality. And when we asked what his life motto was, he said “follow your dreams and keep being positive.” Well, we can tell he’s been following his own advice because we’ve watched Hollywood’s career as a choreographer in the dance industry continue to flourish.

We’ve watched him establish a distinct style that simply cannot be duplicated, and witnessed him achieve bucket-list worthy opportunities like choreographing for Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion, Iggy Azalea, and more. And his creativity just keeps growing with new ventures like a children’s book, a short film concept in the works, and his super unique TikTok dances.

It’s safe to say that the moves he’s making are inspiring dancers in and outside of Hollywood, but what inspires the Hollywood? Let’s find out!

Dance Spirit: What inspires you in the dance studio?

Hollywood: Knowing that I have the ability to create in a space that will manifest my movement.

DS: What inspires you outside of dance?

Hollywood: Outside of dance, I get inspiration from art, nature, and the endless possibilities that this universe holds.

DS: What advice would you give to dance students that want to one day become a choreographer?

Hollywood: Study, study, study your movement! Create your own language and find a mentor. Do the work necessary to share your work, and be open to learning from everyone!

DS: What’s something people would be surprised to hear inspired one of your dance works?

Hollywood: In one of my routines, I do this move that was inspired by a penguin.

Can you spot the move that was inspired by a penguin?

DS: What’s your most memorable moment as a choreographer?

Hollywood: As a choreographer, I’d say my most memorable moment has been being on the Diddy tour that I choreographed a few numbers for. Being on tour with a hip-hop legend for a few weeks was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

DS: Do you have a set way of choreographing? Or is your creation process more spontaneous?

Hollywood: My process of choreographing is very spontaneous! Sometimes I already have things made up. Other times, I’ll make up dances on the spot.

DS: What’s your favorite part about being a choreographer and the creative process?

Hollywood: Being able to see my vision come alive! Watching things that start in my brain as an idea of movement come to life is such a cool part about being a choreographer.

DS: What inspires your music selection when choreographing?

Hollywood: I let my inner-self pick. Whatever moves my soul. Sometimes I do pick from the Top 40 lists due to social media analytics.

DS: How is choreographing for music videos different from choreographing for live concerts or festivals?

Hollywood: I’d say there are less challenges doing music videos, whereas with live concerts, depending on the artistic vision, you’ll sometimes have months to prepare.

DS: What factors does someone need as a dancer to become a successful choreographer?

Hollywood: A determined, motivated, persistent, positive, hard working, and open-to-learning spirit!