Justin Bieber's New Visual Album Is Dropping from Dance Heaven

March 2, 2020

ICYMI, Justin Bieber’s newest album Changes has been dominating the charts for a bit now. As expected, wonderfully vibey dance goodness has followed, in the form of TikTok trends, class combos, and viral dance videos. Now, the Biebs has further upped the dance ante, dropping the first two installments of his Changes visual album. And the gorgeously choreographed vids highlight some of our favorite dance artists.

“All Around Me” features partnering whiz Phillip Chbeeb and his real-life partner, Makenzie Dustman, flipping every which way between two moving walls. Chbeeb also choreographed the super-intense video.

“Habitual” is a one-take wonder choreographed by Tessandra Chavez and featuring eight incredible contemporary hip-hop dancers, including Nataly Santiago, Stephanie Mincone, and Zack Everhart. Filmed backstage and onstage at a theater, it seems to contain a multitude of #showmances.

Global superstars putting dancers, and choreographers, front and center? We’re very, very here for it. As promised by Bieber when he first teased the album on his Instagram, new Changes videos will be released every Monday and Wednesday. We’ll be watching these first two on loop as we patiently wait until noon tomorrow. You’re welcome to join.