Justin Bieber's Dancers Have a Pre-Flight Dance Party

March 22, 2017

Flying is never a particularly exciting experience for me. I’m usually traveling between some way-too-busy NYC airport and L.A., Las Vegas or Boston, my most-frequeted cities.

And the procedure is usually pretty standard and predictable: Take cab to airport. Wait in security line. Scramble to fit shoes, purse, laptop, sweatshirt, jacket and carry-on efficiently onto the bag scanner thing. Proceed through security. Smile so as not to be body-scanned. Wait, because I’m undoubtedly a full hour early. Maybe get a sandwich. Fly to cool city. Do fun things.

As you can see, the “do fun things” part doesn’t go into effect until after I’ve reached my destination.

But for Justin Bieber’s pack of tour dancers, the fun needn’t wait.

When their recent flight out of Atlanta was canceled, the dancers decided to have a little dance partying fun in the terminal. In a sort of airport flash mob, they rocked out to tunes by The Biebs and got down with fully choreographed moves.

Naturally it’s all been recorded for our viewing pleasure:

(The really cool kid with the mega-sized hair? That’s Luke Broadlick—and we spotted him before Justin Bieber did! Score one point for DS!)

The next time one of my flights gets canceled, I know what I’m doing. Quick, someone cue up “Somebody to Love!”