Justin Bieber's "Sorry" Video Is an Epic Dance Party

October 22, 2015

You’ve been dancing around the house/school hallway/studio ever since Justin Bieber dropped his irresistibly catchy new single, “Sorry.”

That’s not a question; it’s a statement. Don’t hide. We see you.

Well, here’s further proof that the Biebs loves us and wants us to be happy: He felt that releasing the most dance-friendly song of the moment wasn’t good enough. No; he also had to go and make a giant dance party of a music video.

Justin himself is nowhere in sight in the “Sorry” vid, but—and I say this with love—you won’t miss him. You’ll be too busy obsessing over the cast of ladies from the ReQuest and Royal Family crews, who appear to be having the time of their lives as they dominate director Parris Goebel’s delicious, slick-meets-silly choreography.

The feel is that of a group of friends getting together to make a karaoke video late one lazy night. Except that this particular group of friends happens to be made up of amazing dancers with equally amazing wardrobes. (Everyone still in need of a group Halloween costume idea: GET ON IT.)

But wait! There’s more. According to TMZ, the “Sorry” video is actually part of a larger dance movie showcasing Bieber’s new album, Purpose. All of the album’s 18 songs will be included in the 35-minute film, which will feature lots more choreo by Goebels. So, get excited.

You don’t need to say “Sorry,” Justin. This makes it all better.

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