Kathryn Kills it on "Dancing with the Stars"

April 10, 2014

Confession: Much to my sweet, sweet grandmother’s dismay, I am not a diehard “Dancing with the Stars” fan. I absolutely adore the pros on the show—they’re so super talented and it’s amazing that every week they not only choreograph and perform their routines, but they’re also each responsible for teaching their non-dancer partner how to dance. And it’s all being filmed or taped live for the world to see. No pressure, right?

But overall, the show doesn’t keep me glued to my TV screen the way “So You Think You Can Dance” does (and, um, the way “Parks & Recreation” does…or “Parenthood,” “Chopped” or “Cutthroat Kitchen”).

The one reason I will always tune in to “DWTS,” though, is to catch the weekly Macy’s Stars of Dance performances. I love that the show uses its massive exposure to teach its viewers—and the world!—more about all forms of dance.

This year, megastar and multiple-time mirrorball trophy winner Derek Hough is overseeing the Macy’s Stars of Dance performances, which is really cool because I looooove him (he’s going on tour with sister Julianne—make sure you get your tickets because shows are already selling out!). In this week’s installment, Derek choreographed a piece starring DS favorite (and former cover girl) Kathryn McCormick, alongside “DWTS” pros Henry, Sasha, Artem and Jonathan.

It’s crazy hot (just like Derek…awww yeah)—watch it now!

Next time, Shirtless Derek: We want in.