Why Keone and Mari Madrid Rule: Reason #456

January 17, 2015

More jazz hands, please!

Once again, husband and wife hip-hop power couple Keone and Mari Madrid have blown our minds with their latest video, “Awesome Dance Couple.” Filmed at an Urban Dance Camp showcase and posted earlier this week on YouTube, the couple’s performance is simply delightful. Time after time, video after video, the Madrids amaze and surprise us. From rain romances to grocery-store soliloquies, no two clips are ever alike.

This week’s combo is set to Royal Crown Revue’s jazzy “Hey, Pachuco,” which some YouTube commenters successfully pointed out is the song made famous by Cameron Diaz and Jim Carey in ’90s movie The Mask. (For those of you born post Y2K, you can watch that clip here.) One thing is certain though, Keone and Mari absolutely crush any silver-screen competition. The choreography blends hard-hitting isolations with lighthearted theatricality—the Madrids at their best. Check it out below. It’ll make you smile, I promise.