You Should Know: Kenneth San Jose

October 19, 2016

Hip-hop phenom Kenneth San Jose has so much natural talent that his lightning-fast technique and mesmerizing musicality developed practically overnight. Though he can hold his own with dancers twice his age, he’s only been formally training for two years!

Kenneth was already an accomplished singer and actor when he decided to add dance to his schedule, hitting the L.A. studio scene hard. He currently trains everywhere from Movement Lifestyle to Millennium Dance Complex, switching up his teachers in order to absorb as many styles as possible. In the meantime, Kenneth can be found breaking the internet in Matt Steffanina–choreographed videos and on the 2016 KidZBop tour as a swing.

Fast Facts

Santa Clarita, CA

April 10, 2002

Favorite music genre:

Favorite food:
“Meat, in general”

Performer he’d love to work with:
“Chris Brown, because he actually dances during his concerts.”

Go-to stress reliever:

His dancing in one word: