You Should Know: Nina Bartell

August 10, 2016

Nina Bartell is such a complete performer that when she was crowned Teen Outstanding Dancer at the 2015 New York City Dance Alliance gala, it felt inevitable. You’d never have guessed the 16-year-old had only begun competing solos two years prior to her big win.

Bartell trains at Sweatshop in Denver, CO, where she studies everything from pointe to tap. Her teacher, Brian Young, is an old-school jazz devotee, and Bartell loves getting a history lesson as much as she loves exploring the intricacies in different styles of hip hop.

“The difference between who I was as a dancer three years ago versus who I am now is so huge. I’m proud of the experiences I’ve had and gains I’ve made.”

Fast Facts

Denver, CO

September 12, 1999

Who would play her in a movie?
Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite dancer
of all time:
Andy Pellick

Dance BFF:
Ali Deucher

Favorite food:

Go-to stress reliever:
“Listening to music and doing Thera-Band exercises”

Non-dance hobby:
“Playing tennis with my family”

Advice for
“Everything that’s thrown at you is a chance to become better.”

Her dancing in three words:
“Diverse, graceful and controlled”