You Should Know: Phoenix Lil'Mini

June 23, 2016

Hip-hop phenomenon Phoenix Lil’Mini is a girl on fire, with ultra-precise animation skills and larger-than-life stage presence. So it’s no surprise her resumé lists one dream gig after another, like hitting the “So You Think You Can Dance” stage with her mentor Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer, dancing in Missy Elliott’s “WTF (Where They From)” music video and winning the gold medal with her team at the Hip Hop International world championships.

The 10-year-old trains with Greg Chapkis and Melvin Timtim as a member of Chapkidz at Chapkis Dance in Suisun, CA. She studies hip-hop styles from krumping to grooving, and that amazing versatility helped her win battles with TURFinc and Monsters of Hip Hop.

Fast Facts


Sacramento, CA

Something nobody knows about you
: “I make recycled art and play competitive soccer.”

What are you listening to right now?:
“A lot of Adele”

Who would play you in a movie?:
“I think I would play myself!”

Favorite performers:
Michael Jackson, Missy Elliott and Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer. “But I don’t really have a favorite because everyone inspires me in different ways.”

Favorit Emojis:

😎 😂 😃

Describe your Dancing in Three words:
“Intricate, musical and passionate”