Kyle Hanagami’s Google Nest Promo Is a Delightful Peek at His Choreographic Process

November 10, 2019

We’re always here for a good dance-tech collab. If it involves genius choreographer Kyle Hanagami? Even better. How about Kyle Hanagami and a crew of A-list dancers? Yes please. What about Kyle Hanagami, A-list dancers, and a device that might actually be useful to dancers and choreographers? That’s a YAAAAAAAS.

The new Google Nest Hub Max has a nifty feature: You can use hand signals to start and stop music on the device, without actually touching it. The smart folks at Google recognized that that’s the kind of thing choreographers could use all the time. (How convenient not to have to walk back and forth across the studio repeatedly while you’re working out a phrase?) So they got Hanagami to make a video illustrating exactly how handy the Nest is.

Hanagami did not disappoint. He enlisted a bunch of his/our favorite dancers—including Charlize Glass, Floris Bosveld, Madison Cubbage, and Anthony Westlake—and created a kind of candy-colored fantasia on his choreographic process, set to Curio’s “Shake”:

To accompany the promo, Hanagami kicked off #TheMaxDance challenge. He’s asking fans to learn some of the video’s choreography, fill in their own moves during a pause break, and share the result on Instagram. Glass, overachiever that she is, is already on it: