Kyle Hanagami Will Work on J.Lo's "World of Dance"

January 19, 2017

You guys, the amazing news from Jennifer Lopez’s “World of Dance” TV show just keeps rolling in. The latest? Kyle Hanagami has been confirmed as the show’s supervising choreographer.

Of course, we already know that J.Lo is an executive producer (among other roles) but Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo are also executive producers on the show, and they’re super involved in the hip-hop competition circuit, so it’s no surprise they tapped a young choreographic talent like Hanagami. We’re not sure if being a supervisor means he’ll be selecting choreographers in different styles, or if we’ll see the contestants perform Hanagami’s own work—we’re holding out for both!

We’ll continue to update you as we learn more, but for now we’re happy to sit back and watch the dance stars align. Here’s one of Hanagami’s latest choreo vids to help hold you over until the show starts:

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