L2M is All About #GirlPower and Awesome Dancing

March 22, 2017


You could calmly discuss the merits of “GIRLZ,” a super fun new music video by girl-group L2M, which features one of our favorite LilBeasts, Tati McQuay, along with her fellow band-mates.

Or, you could just freak out over the sheer awesomeness of their #girlpower anthem, positive message, hip-hop moves and amazing outfits. That’s what I did, at least.

We’re not surprised in the least that L2M features so much swag. Tati and her squad (Mariangeli Collado of “HitStreak,” Lexi Drew, Mckenzie Mack and Jenna Simmons) are, variously, accomplished singers, dancers, actors, athletes and fashion designers. Oh, and they’re all under the age of 13. As always, littles for the win!

Here are the members of L2M talking about their song and video.

These ladies remind me of one of our other favorite crews, Suga n’ Spice. Their dance video to Fifth Harmony’s “Bo$$” made my life when it came out last spring. This year, we have L2M singing their own song and dancing in their own video. With all these talented girls sharing their commitment to dance and music, I think we definitively know who run the world.

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