We're Giving You A Million Reasons to See Lady Gaga's Vegas Residency

May 29, 2019

Calling all Little Monsters! Fresh off her Oscar win for Best Original Song, Lady Gaga will head back to the Park Theater in Las Vegas this May. She’ll perform her Enigma show, as well as her stripped-down Jazz & Piano show. Dancer Montana Efaw has worked with Gaga for a whole decade, and now joins her onstage in Enigma. We caught up with Efaw to get the inside scoop on the show, and what it’s like dancing with a pop icon.

Dance Spirit
: What do you love about Enigma?

Montana Efaw: One of my favorite things about working for Gaga is that the dancers are so well-utilized and the costuming is also always amazing. But for this show I really like the story line Gaga has created. It feels so new in many ways, but also has moments of nostalgia.

DS: What are your favorite numbers in the show?

ME: One of the treats of this show is getting to dance with a live band every night and not just the track. For me, some of her earlier hits like “Poker Face” and “Love Game” really bang when you get to perform them live and feel those drums. But also her classics like “Telephone,” “Bad Romance,” and “Just Dance” are so fun, because a lot of her fans know certain parts or moves at this point.

DS: What’s it like performing at the Park Theater?

ME: The stage is massive, but it’s more intimate than an arena, so we’re really able to see a lot of people in the audience. It’s fun to bring what feels like a stadium-sized show to this theater. The fans are amazing and always go all out and dress up. They definitely play a key role because when they’re on fire, you can’t help but feel that.

A version of this story appeared in the May/June 2019 issue of
Dance Spirit with the title “Calling All Little Monsters.”