Last-Minute Presents, Designed By Dancers

December 22, 2016

Calling all last-minute shoppers! Are you panicking yet? Don’t worry, we have your back with a great list of gifts that every dancer wants—and which are also made by dancers (or former ones, at least)! Some of these gifts are made-to-order, so they won’t be ready for the holidays, but I know I’d be a happy girl if I opened up an envelope promising me a custom leo in a few weeks.




Abigail Mentzer Designs
, by former Pennsylvania Ballet dancer, are sported by ballerinas and Broadway divas everywhere.



Skin care:

Ritual Goods
, created by Ballet Austin’s Oren Porterfield, feature homemade fragrances.

Former Pacific Northwest Ballet dancer Jordan Samuel has an eponymous beauty line, used by dancers around the country.


Former dancer Rachel Hamrick has an entire FLX training system, meant to get you into tip-top shape. (She also has drool-worthy leather vests.)

And, for tried and true gifts that everyone will enjoy, check out our 25 Days of Gift-Mas fashion feature, which is full of prezzie #inspo!

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