The Lauren Lovette Airweave Campaign Is Love[tte]ly

September 7, 2016

When you hear “mattress ad,” the first place your mind goes probably isn’t “world-class ballerina.” And yet: Airweave Mattress has tapped fabulous New York City Ballet principal (and choreographer!) Lauren Lovette for its latest ad campaign, and the result is beautiful.

A video posted by airweave USA (@airweaveusa)

May 25, 2016 at 12:34pm PDT

It took us a minute, but the connection does make sense. Who depends on solid sleep more than a top-level athlete and artist, someone who needs both her body and her brain to be working at max capacity? And we have to hand it to Airweave for doing more than a hit-and-run–style campaign: Rather than simply taking photos of Lovette channeling Aurora on one of their mattresses, the brand posted a pretty extensive interview with the ballerina on their site, in which Lovette describes her career and talks about her pre-performance ritual. (Which, yes, includes serious sleep the night before.) There are also some pretty behind-the-scenes images of Lovette. All of which makes a visit to the site worth it, even if you’re not exactly in the mattress market.

Airweave frequently uses athletes to advertise its products (it’s the official mattress supplier to Team USA), but it seems to have caught the ballet bug recently. Look what else just popped up on its Instagram page:

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