The Important Lessons We Learned From "Bunheads"

October 4, 2018

It’s been over five years since “Bunheads” was shockingly canceled—and we’re still not over it. TBH, we’ll probably be crying #Justice4Bunheads until we finally get a revival. It was truly impossible not to love the ACB Family series, both because it starred Sutton Foster and because it taught us so many life lessons. Here are 7 of the lessons we still hold dear to our hearts today.

When Life is Cruel, You Can Always Make it Better

Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball (like your husband of only a few hours dying and leaving you with his overbearing mother), but “Bunheads” taught us to never let the bad times drag us down for too long. You can make your own fabulous destiny.

Never Forget How Amazing You Are

Self-doubt can sometimes get the best of us, but we have to remember that each one of us is special and amazing.

You Can Always Trust Your Dance Pals

Whenever you need help, support, or advice, your dance friends are right by your side—always and forever.

Dance is Hard Work But 100% Worth It

Even if you’re having a hard rehearsal, “Bunheads” taught us to keep pushing through and persevering.

Always Give Your All or Don’t Show Up

Whether at rehearsal or an audition, we need to constantly give 110%.

Your Love for Dance is Eternal

As dancers, we have our fair share of highs and lows. But our love for our art is eternal. It’ll never go away.