Let Kyle Hanagami Warm You Up with "Sweater Weather"

January 7, 2015

Holy mother it’s cold outside. If you live anywhere in the northeast-to-middle section of the country, odds are very, verrrrry good that you’re bundled in the biggest, warmest sweater you own. Or three of them. Brr.

Apparently one of our favorites, Kyle Hanagami, is not only a fabulous choreographer but also something of a meteorologist: He couldn’t have picked a more perfect moment to put out a gorgeous dance video set to Alyson Stoner and Max Schneider’s “Sweater Weather.” Nothing like a little dancing to fend off that cold, amirite? And as always, Hanagami’s is especially wonderful. I love the way he blends softness and lyricism with harder, accented passages—and makes it all look so easy.

I’m also obsessed with the fantastic Haley Fitzgerald, his foil in “Sweater Weather” and one of his most frequent partners in crime. If you’re one of the three people who haven’t seen Fitzgerald’s star-making turn in Hanagami’s “Yoncé” video, go fix that now.

Enjoy, and stay warm, my friends!