Let These Adorable Groomsmen Dance Away with Your Heart

June 29, 2014

We love wedding dances here at DS. It’s not that we’re hopeless romantics—we’re just…romantic. We love amazing mother-son duos and we applaud high-concept choreography.

If you’re anything like us, may we suggest that you watch this extremely adorable video featuring a groom and his groomsmen? Yes, there are thousands of YouTube videos showing proposal flash-mobs and wedding dances worthy of an MTV award—each more tightly choreographed and elaborate than the last. But what this one lacks in flash it makes up for in heart. I mean, just LOOK at the way he’s staring into her eyes the whole time!

Props to the groomsmen for keeping up with the very enthusiastic groom. Some of them were clearly more comfortable with the choreography than others, but hey, they look like they’re having a great time. Here’s to many more years of silly dances for this cute new couple.