Let's Start a Campaign to Get Jesse Tyler Ferguson on "DWTS"

September 24, 2014

This is awesome: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, aka The Greatest “So You Think You Can Dance” Guest Judge of All Time, wants to be on “Dancing with the Stars.”

This is awesomer: The “Modern Family” star began this campaign at the behest of his mom, who is just as obsessed with his “SYT” judging as we all are.

This is awesomest: Ferguson first announced his new goal on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” And then Ellen made him do an impromptu “audition.” Because of course.

If you love JTF’s high-quality, hilarious commentary on “SYT,” you are going to go insane for his high-quality, hilarious dancing in this audition sequence (yes, there’s a little Fosse happening during the “hip hop” section, but let’s cut the guy some slack):

Come to think of it—how has this man not been on “DWTS” already?? As we just witnessed, he has more natural dance ability than 90% of the people previously cast. His endearing/crazy antics will lend themselves perfectly to the show’s personality-driven format. And we need something to keep our JTF dance dreams alive after his ultimately unsuccessful “SYTYCD” Australia audition.

Can we get a campaign going to make this a reality, please? #JTFonDWTS! #JesseTylerDancerson! Kthxbai.