Luis Salgado

December 16, 2010

Luis Salgado. Photo by Montana.

Luis Salgado is the kind of dance partner girls dream of: strong, supportive and oh so sexy. Though he’s been dancing since he was a youngster in Puerto Rico, Salgado became a breakout star in the U.S. when he was cast as José—and as the Latin dance assistant choreographer—in the Tony Award–winning musical In the Heights. He’s also made a name for himself in movies: Salgado danced in Step Up 2: The Streets, Enchanted, Across the Universe and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Now, he’s keeping busy with R.Evolución Latina, the nonprofit organization he founded, which uses his “Dare to go beyond” message to empower young performing artists in the Latino community.  —Alison Feller


Dear Luis,


Dance barefoot, in the rain, in the street, with or without technique. Let your heart speak through your movement. Follow your heart, even when it seems impossible. Listen to it!

Ask questions—don’t be shy, and don’t be afraid. The sooner you learn to ask, the sooner you’ll explore all the elements that make dance a universal language.

Get thee to ballet class! Further your chances by being versatile.

Don’t strive for perfection; strive for commitment and tenacity. The journey to success is a long one, and only the persistent and

disciplined will get to the final goal.

Train hard and be ready when that opportunity comes, but don’t compete with anyone but yourself.

Always let the artistic process affect you. Every step, every turn, every lyric will influence the making of a new you. Let it hit you hard and use it all for the better.

Love the floor you dance on. It’s your best friend—it will always be there to support you.

Dancing is your FREEDOM and your VOICE. Use it for GOOD!

Luis Salgado