Lil Buck's New Video Will Inspire You

June 23, 2014

Lil Buck is on fire this year. From performing onstage with New York City Ballet to dancing in Nicole Scherzinger’s latest music video and appearing as a guest judge last week on “So You Think You Can Dance,” he’s everywhere—consistently pushing and blurring boundaries between dance worlds.

One with nature: A still from Lil Buck’s new video.

Recently, the Memphis jooker has done it again, this time taking us to an edge of a waterfall in a spectacularly beautiful new dance video. In the film, Buck cites Bruce Lee as one of his biggest inspirations: “Through martial arts, he created his own style. He broke the rules because he wasn’t afraid. Neither am I.”

Buck’s brilliant musicality and inventive movements perfectly embody both the lyrical quality of the video’s score (by LP) and the sounds of the waterfall behind him. It’s truly an inspirational clip—which may just be the point. The video is a small segment of “The Talent Show,” a new TV series hosted by Sol Guy (who’s also a collaborator on this video). According to music website Pigeons and Planes, the new series (airing this fall) will be “a mash-up of pop culture and current events, taking us on a global journey of discovery.” Sounds pretty cool! Take a look at the video: