Madd Chadd and Adam Sevani Are Dancin' in the Rain (Room)

February 29, 2016

What happens when a hauntingly beautiful art installation meets two A-list dancers? Poetry in motion.

You’ve probably heard of Rain Room, an immersive exhibit by the collaborative studio Random International that’s been touring the world for the past few years. Basically, it’s a space that’s perpetually full of falling water—but you’ll never get wet walking through it, thanks to a sophisticated system of sensors that create a radius of dryness around any moving object. (The #RainRoom selfie has become a sort of status symbol among artsy types.)

Rain Room
is currently at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. And when Step Up series stars Madd Chadd and Adam Sevani (Moose! Where have you been??) found themselves in the unusual space, they knew what they had to do: dance up a storm, in the storm.

Thankfully for us, they captured the whole thing on video. It’s a little bit surreal, and a lotta bit amazing—like a modern-day answer to Gene Kelly’s rainy-day routine from Singin’ in the Rain.

Take a look:

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