Maddie Ziegler Summarizes 10 of Our Favorite Dance Movies—and It's Hilarious

October 30, 2018

Maddie Ziegler may be a teen, queen, dancing machine—however, her dance movie knowledge isn’t quite on the level of her actual dance skills. Maddie took Teen Vogue‘s dance-movie quiz where she had to explain the plot and name some of the characters of specific dance movies. While some of the movies she was tested on were iconic dance flicks, Maddie points out she was born way after many of them were made.

One of the best moments of this dance movie trivia game was when Maddie summarizes Black Swan and talks about how there are black swans and white swans in the movie and that Natalie Portman is a “gray swan” 😂! (We think she should get points for creativity!) Though the reality TV dance star may not be super familiar with all dance movies, we love hearing what she thinks they’re about. In fact, some of her descriptions sound like they should be the basis for some real dance movies. Maybe even the basis for a High Strung: 3 plot line? Check out some of Maddie’s creative descriptions for some of your favorite dance movies.

Maddie Ziegler Tests Her Knowledge of Iconic Dance Flicks | Teen Vogue