Maddie's Ziegler's New Capezio Video

February 8, 2016


It seems like just yesterday that we were wringing our hands over the Ziegler sisters’ imminent departure from “Dance Moms.” We wondered if they were giving up on dance. We wondered if they would pursue singing, acting and modeling full-time, instead.

Then, Capezio dropped this new video. First, we saw the stylish duds and we were interested. Then, we saw that New York City Ballet corps member and BalletCollective director Troy Schumacher choreographed the video, and we were very interested. THEN, we saw Maddie Ziegler‘s baby blues and we knew it would be good. It’s kind of a weird ballet class, where everyone has their hair down during barre (because, fashion). But it’s also kind of great to see triple-threat Maddie busting a move without layers of spooky drama (cc. every Sia video).

Props to each and every dancer in the video! And props to Capezio for crediting them all at the end.


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