Mark Ballas' "Get My Name" Video Is Super Dance-y

May 15, 2014

Sometimes we get a little sad when professional dancers decide to pursue singing careers. It feels like they’re abandoning us.

But it doesn’t look like “Dancing with the Stars” favorite Mark Ballas, who recently released his first single, “Get My Name,” is forgetting about dance anytime soon. The video for the song, which came out yesterday, is jam-packed with steamy choreography by Misha Gabriel, Nick Bass, and Ballas himself. It’s also directed by Ballas’ “DWTS” buddy Derek Hough. And it features an A-team group of dancers (we see you, Taja Riley!) that includes a bunch of amazing “DWTS” pros—with the standout being gorgeous girl-of-the-moment Witney Carson. (In fact, if you saw Ballas’ performance of “Get My Name” on “DWTS” last week, a lot of the choreo will look familiar.) It’s like a little dance-world family party, and Ballas just happens to be the musical entertainment.

At this point it’s not like you need more reasons to watch, but did we mention that the song itself is darn catchy? And that Ballas seems to be emulating JT’s suave retro look, which is always, always a good idea?

Happy Friday, guys!