Meet Phoenix Lil' Mini, 10-year-old Princess of Robotics

June 20, 2015

Next in our series of 10-year-olds who are way cooler than we could ever hope to be: Introducing Sarah Phoenix, aka “Phoenix Lil’ Mini.”

You know, j chillin’ with Les Twins. #casual (Via @Phoenix_lilmini on Instagram)

At this point, it should be obvious that this hip-hop little is a #LilBeast. (Seems like everyone who’s anyone is these days. Amirite?) On Thursday, WilldaBeast Adams posted a video of her freestyling after class—and yeah, it’s amazing. Apparently, she just does that all the time? Adorbz.

Earlier this month, DancersGlobal posted a more formal freestyle video featuring Phoenix Lil’ Mini with Kida the Great (another hip-hop little who could dance circles around us). Dancing to “O.G.” by TroyBoi, Phoenix just oozes swag. She primarily freestyles in the robotics vocabulary, and her body control is insane. But what’s so cool about this 10-year-old is that she doesn’t over-perform. She’s just like, Yeah, that happened. What about it? Check her out!

Just putting this out there, but wouldn’t a duet between Phoenix Lil’ Mini and Audacious Adi be AWESOME? #WeNeedThis